Parker, CO

August 2007

The rumor for the last 400 years was that Golf stood for Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden.! It's a backronym. They say that the Scottish actually originated it back in the 15th century even though the Dutch and the Chinese date the game way before us Celts.
As most of you know, my life changed.......DRAMATICALLY, with the Wall Street fall out at the beginning of the year as well as the past three weeks. It has been nothing less than a lesson in humility, resourcefulness, and networking. And in trying to be a resourceful girl, selling cars for John Elway Toyota was a little too on the brutal side for me to handle as I want everyone to have everything for FREE!! :) However, if you want to know anything about Bilstein suspension systems, VVTI engines, the aerodynamic engineering of the Prius, or how a Hybrid engine works......just ask! So here I am.........back in the game of golf and though my income has dropped substantially and I am working weekends and nights, I've never been happier!! ! I'm home. A little broke, but HOME!!

Our golf course is a members only club just south of Parker, Colorado on the way out to Castlewood Canyon. It's an old club and the echo of hammering denotes the promise of the up and coming BrightStar Golf Company to acquire and improve the truly BEST golf courses nationwide that have so long been neglected. It's not only the members that inspired me to gravitate back to this's the tournaments and the people it breeds.
From Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to Aspen, Colorado to Denver, I have had the opportunity to witness benefit tournaments inspired by a core commitment to a cause. From promotable, larger than life games like The NBA, The NBL(that one was fun!!), the Annual Broncos Alumni, to the sincere life transforming smaller ones like Toys for Tots out at Heritage Eagle Bend where Ken Cox raises more money and supplies more bicycles than the whole state of Colorado at Christmas time. The Marines line up with gratitude as they load their three covered caravan trucks to surprise children that have hope, that there really is a Santa Claus. Two weeks ago we hosted a tournament for a newly graduated senior from Ponderosa High School, who was killed in a car accident on the way to visit relatives in Illinois only four weeks after graduation. It was the fourth year for this tournament,  as he grew up at The Pinery and golf was his passion. Still, most of  his friends showed up, his family, his uncles, aunts, grandparents and an influx of people who had never met him. They only heard through the grapevine what a tremendous spirit this boy possessed. The proceeds from his tournament go to fund a tour bus that transports the kids from Ponderosa High School to events, whether it be Wrestling, Band, or Football games. There is heart and reason behind it.

This morning, I arrived at the club with my two little boys in tow(no babysitter at 6:30am!!) to help Randy and Katie set up for a tournament that I really wasn't clear about. It wasn't until after the golfers came in from their 18 that we all began to fathom the passion behind it. Here's how the story goes......
One of our members had some kids, 3 boys and a girl. One of the boys was born with Down's Syndrome. He lived with his parents through his adulthood and maintained a steady job at the local McDonald's here in Parker. He passed away in the year 2000. Through his death, his family was inspired to raise money in team with the Special Olympics and Departmental Partners in order to fund camping trips, rafting trips, gym memberships, bowling leagues for people with disabilities. They implemented a store where all proceeds go for funding which is located in Aurora and recently opened one in Littleton. People flew in from Chicago, called in sick to work, closed their businesses today in order to pick up their clubs and play for this memorable man. Mom and Dad, sister and brothers passionately set up the largest tournament in seven years. However, it was like any other tournament until the MC called a group of this man's friends up to the podium.

This was a different crowd to begin with. There were no celebrities. The MC, since 2000, brought up the friends and within the next hour I saw freedom......pure, unbridled, passionate, fun, happy freedom. I longed to be like them. They sang, they danced, they laughed with everything beautiful they carry inside with no measure of how brutal reality can be. They live for the moment, for who they are, for how they feel.
In the dusk of the Colorado heat, I walked away with a renewed perception that life is WAY too short to skip away a minute of bliss, a second of hope, an hour of joy. That in death, there is a transformation of spirit into power. That in life, there is happiness in simplicity. Simplicity of a joke, a song, a dance, a cashier at the local hamburger hangout.


July 7, 2007

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I love to drive over the little road turtles that parallel the highway, they feel like a mini five second massage, however, it's tricky to stay on them for long because the guy driving behind me might call my license plate into State Patrol as impaired, so I have to hit them strategically, like on curves. I'm sure the Department of Transportation has a more technical word for my little wake up bumps. Sailing through the night along Utah's moonlit highway to Price, I'm thinking that it's a very good thing that prairie dogs are NOT on the endangered list although from the looks of the mottled pavement, they should be. Prairie dogs and bugs. My Taurus, whose name is Leo, looks like a bug mobile. Big ones, little ones, yellow ones, big fat green ones, eight wing ones, thank goodness they are the same color as Leo so you really can't tell unless your within two feet.  I tried to scrub them off earlier at the Glenwood Springs gas station but I was attacked by moths that were sticking to the wet windows after I started scrubbing so I gave it up and slid back in behind the wheel quickly, hoping none of them had attached themselves to me for the free ride. That wouldn't be good, as I'm a freak about moths and bees.
The Colombia River at a picnic site above The Dalles

 I'm on the routine six month child exchange program with my little boys father who lives on an island on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. He's a big stocky man that is scared senseless of flying, inadvertently leading me to be the dominant transportation chauffer twice a year. Sometimes we fly, sometimes we drive.  I drive because it frees my mind. And even though it's a 1352 mile trip according to Rand McNally(Rand is wrong, it's really 1530 unless I just haven't figured out which route they take yet out of the three available), watching the shadowed mountain silhouettes and the Harold and the Purple Crayon moon follow me into the night, is hypnotic.
I found a new way this last spring when I went up for Roman's 7th birthday, I like it because I have to go through Bliss. Bliss, Idaho. Bliss spins my imagination into fantasies and spirals my heart deep into my soul. Just the word gives me ceaseless butterflies that tingle my toes. I'd like to live in Bliss. In more ways than the physical. This route engages the Lewis and Clark trail and is littered with history from it's discovery to the underground Chinese WWII slave camps in Pendleton, Oregon to the haunted City of Bridges~Portland. So much spirit drenched in this soil that lies beneath these highways and as I watch people drive by in their cars, I wonder if they feel what once was. If their minds eye can reminisce back to a time when this breathtaking land was raw.   


Mar 19, 2007


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The ambience of Aspen is breathtaking!! This weekend was crazy beautiful!! I saw some old friends, made some new ones, listened to some stories and experienced the renowned Ajax Apr├Ęs on the sun drenched patio at the base of the Aspen gondola until the sun set behind the mountain. I finally headed out on the highway way past my bedtime, calling every friend in my cell phone that could help keep my eyes from needing toothpicks. No one was awake but me. I finally succumbed to my drifting thoughts close to 4am by pulling into Eagle, looping around the back of the Conoco station to a dirt parking lot below the freeway where I nestled the car between half a dozen sleeping semi's, lowered the leather seat back, tucked my pillow under my head and snuggled deeply into my thick, furry blanket and let the dark overtake me. But, only for a few hours. I pulled into my garage just before 8 and made my 10:00 realtors meeting in East Denver. Funny what a weekend away can do for your mentality. I feel like I could conquer the world this week!! And win!!