The Ambiguious Man

June 23, 2013

It's been an interesting summer so far, nothing like I anticipated it would be. I had patiently waiting for the winter to pass in anticipation of baseball season, when my boyfriend was back in Colorado for the summer. But, an unexpected turn of events changed it....again. This time it was a tv film crew.
The summers since 2011 have been like this......exciting, yet confining. Lots of rules, subtle rules. He's a semi-pro baseball player who is passionately commited to his career while striving for a pro contract.

Today I woke up feeling frustrated, questioning the future of our relationship, struggling with my personal sacrifices required to maintain it and if it was worth it anymore. I doubted I could make it through to the end of the season in August. During the opening game in Raton, New Mexico several members of the camera crew, along with the producer began asking him questions about me after he introduced me to them while getting lunch with Sully and Tony in downtown Trinidad the next day. A few days later when I was back home, he said that he didn't want his private side of life exploited on national television asking if I could make myself scarce, and not to engage in any comversation with the ESPN crew if they approached me at the games or hotel. I had cancelled my summer job at a ranch in Montana because he asked me to be there to support him and now because of the reality show filming, his entire attitude changed So, the only thing left to do was pray.

When I finished praying, I logged onto my email account and in it was a link to this eblog...... The Ambiguious Man ....I love how God and serendipity work!! :)